Ringless Voicemail for Solar Energy Marketing

Ringless Voicemail For Energy & Solar Companies

Energy and solar companies stand to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of new ringless voicemail technology.

New ringless voicemail has been giving early adopters a vital tool for remaining profitable and growing across multiple industries. The opportunities for energy and solar companies could be even larger and more valuable.

Bright Opportunities for Solar & Ringless Technology

Solar service providers are on the doorstep of their greatest growth opportunities. As more peer, financial and legal pressure is mounted on property owners, the demand and need for solar is only going to grow.

Competition for business is going to be fierce, but will go to the energy firms who do the best job of connecting with prospects, building an attractive brand and who master reaching people at the right time.

Unfortunately, many old traditional marketing mediums are at odds with what solar companies and their customers stand for, and general marketing noise is so loud and people are so busy that it may be harder than ever to connect with ripe prospects. This is where ringless voicemail services can give smart firms a sizable advantage.

What is Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail is an information technology which drops custom voice messages into users phone mailboxes without causing the phone to ring. As such it is not regulated like traditional telecommunications or telemarketing, or subject to the same rules and regulatory agencies. Meaning more flexibility for marketers. Especially for those looking to grow their businesses.

Ringless marketing is known for being extremely cost effective, customizable, scalable, and for offering some of the greatest connection rates over other mediums. It enables well timed messages to individual prospects and customers or mass marketing at scale.

The Efficiency of Using Ringless Voicemail

Companies that pride themselves on being efficiency or being in the efficiency business, or simply being green must use marketing and branding that matches those claims.

While there are plenty of arguments for all types of materials some might find it hard to argue being for sustainability and eco friendliness and use direct mail, and all the paper, ink and gas associated with it to market for solar panel systems. The same might even apply to signage and other types of traditional print marketing. Ringless marketing is green, smart, and offers a lot of savings at the same time.

How Solar & Energy Companies Can Use Ringless Voicemail

Generate Inbound Sales Calls

Ringless voicemail drops are ideal for triggering hot lead call backs so that your sales staff can just deal with interested inbound leads.

Set Sales Appointments

Either via live inbound calls an IVR or AI phone system or SMS you ringless voicemail campaigns can be automated to convert prospects into actual live appointments.

Alerts to Rebates & Incentive Offers

Local, state and federal rebates and financial incentives for being more energy efficient and installing solar can be a powerful selling point. Yet, consumers often aren’t aware of them. Use ringless drops to alert local prospects when they are available.

Upselling & Cross-Selling

From tesla home chargers to smart home tech and appliance packages there are plenty of upselling opportunities for energy companies. Ringless is ideal for bringing in new clients with these offers as well as upselling and providing after sales upgrades.

Maintain Relationships with More Resources

Use voicemail alerts to bring customers back to your website and social feed for other resources and timely tips for things like preparing for hurricanes and maintenance.

Solicit Referrals

Use voicemail drops to solicit referrals and offer discounts or gifts for those who send you more business.

Important Notifications

Use drops as notifications of new area utility and energy cost hikes and new laws requiring solar and energy efficiency to spur more business and urgency.

Prospecting for Corporate partners, Contractors & Volume Accounts

RIngless campaigns can also be used to recruit local subcontractors for your business. Solar and energy companies rely a lot on them to get out and do a great job represent them. Or how about offering volume discounts for real estate investors, builders and funds with multiple properties.

Service Scheduling & Availability Updates

Advise waiting prospects of appointment availability in markets which suffer from weather drawbacks during cooler and wetter seasons.

What to Look for in a Ringless Voicemail Service Provider

While there are still limited service providers for this technology it is wise to find the right match for your needs and business.

Look for those who are knowledgeable about compliance and regulations and will keep you protected. Find a provider who can offer good pricing on the scale that you need and will be able to grow with you as you see the results and scale your business. You don’t want to have to start from scratch again later.

Reporting is important too. You may not want to spend hours pouring over metrics, but you want proof of campaigns in action and to be able to track effectiveness and results. Integration is very important, as with any other technology or marketing you may incorporate. Choose a ringless voicemail provider who has a system that can work with your current setup and potentially integrate with software you plan to implement in the near future. Some providers may also provide additional products and support for list importing and improving overall phone and lead management effectiveness.

Just as importantly, look for a ringless voicemail solution which is easy and swift to set up and get into action.


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